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John Cage: Lecture On The Weather (1975)

Artist Jeremy Millar curates new exhibit at the Frith Street Gallery
A new exhibition featuring John Cage’s Lecture on the Weather (1975) is scheduled to open on September 16th at the Frith Street Gallery in London. Lecture on the Weather was originally commissioned for the Bicentennial of the United States by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. John Cage admired Henry David Thoreau, even proclaiming there was “no truer American” than Thoreau which led Cage to center the work on him. That emphasis helped create a truly unique and American piece to honor the bicentennial and now for the first time, it will be presented in Europe. Cage took some of Thoreau’s famous texts and set them to music using I-Ching derived chance operations. Throughout the score several fragments of Thoreau’s nature drawing are featured using the same process and were originally meant to be played via graphic notation. The exhibit also includes materials from a 2007 performance from Bard College (featuring Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns,
Leon Botstein, and John Ralston Saul) and culminates in a film by Luis Frangella which brings Thoreau’s drawings to life in a stormy night scene. Some of Cage’s early prints that were inspired by Thoreau will be on display as well: 17 Drawings by Thoreau (1978), Score Without Parts (40 Drawings by Thoreau) (1978), Signals (1978), Changes & Disappearances (1979-82), and Dereau (1982). The exhibit will run through December 17th, 2016. For more information please visit the Frith Street Gallery
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