The Collected Works, Volume 10

Sacred Works for Five Voices and Instruments, Part 1: Membra Jesu Nostri

Dietrich Buxtehude / Klaus Beckmann
Critical Edition
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Under the title Membra Jesu nostri patientis sanctissima, Dietrich Buxtehude presents as a cycle seven formally independent cantatas. The seven cantatas share a similar, though not identical, structure. At the heart of each cantata is an aria setting three strophes from the medieval oratio beginning "Salve mundi salutare" and known in a seventeenth-century form as "Rhythmica oratio ad unum quodlibet membrorum Christi patientis et a cruce pendentis." The aria is preceded by a concerto setting a Bible verse, and in all but one case is followeed by a repetition of the concerto; in the final cantata, the repetition of the ible verse is replaced with an Amen. Each cantata begins with a brief instrumental sonata.


  • Introduction to Series
  • Publisher's Preface
  • Introduction
  • Editoria Policies
  • Membra Jesu nostri
    • No. 1. Ad Pedes
    • No. 2. Ad Genua
    • No. 3. Ad Manus
    • No. 4. Ad Latus
    • No. 5. Ad Pectus
    • No. 6. Ad Cor
    • No. 7. Ad Faciem
  • Critical Apparatus
    • Abbreviations
    • Sources
    • Critical Commentary
  • Appendix 1: Two Texts of Rhythmica oratio
  • Appendix 2: Membra Jesu nostri: Cantatas 1, 3, and 4: Versions by Gustave Düben (edited by Paul Walker
    • Introduction
    • No. 1. Ad Pedes
    • No. 3. Ad Manus
    • No. 4. Ad Latus
    • Critical Commentary
  • Bibliography

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Format: Sheet Music
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Instrumentation: 5 Voices & Instruments
Language: Latin

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