Double Up

for sampler and small orchestra

Simon Steen-Andersen
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Double Up is both a term for a risky, but potentially powerful investment/gambling strategy on the stock market or in the casino, and it is, of course, the term for what you get during happy hour in a bar. In this piece the term is meant to cover a similar range: From the drunken and sloppy, but deeply felt sing-along, to the more musical ‘power of unison’ and the potentially rewarding effect of opening up something for reinterpretation and re-experience by distorting or emphasizing its different elements or by presenting it in a new context. The form is simply two halves exploring two types of linearity with the same material: The linearity of a trivial narrative and the linearity of the inherent musical qualities in the very same sounding snapshots.

Additional Information

Item Number: ED64
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 69
Duration: 18 Mins
Format: 297 x 420
Instrumentation: perc/arpa/sampler/archi

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