Love On The Escalator

for Solo Piano

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Program note:

"My starting-point for the notion of a modern ‘love song’ for piano solo was that a favoured device of mine, a two-part chord sequence that I term an ‘escalator series’, is in itself a duet for two voices; this repeated note-sequence therefore seemed a fair basis of the piece – in which it is duly repeated seven times (ascending by a semi-tone step each time – hence ‘escalator’). The variations constituted by the repeats accumulate greater richness as decorations, grace-notes and melodic fragments build, taking the music from its carefree opening to something more involved. I did not adhere closely to the idea of ‘song’, which in a piano context felt too style-specific; I think the music does attempt to sing, in a way – but it takes a while to get to that point. In pianistic terms the piece (perhaps like all piano music )is a study in voicing, between foreground and background elements; in particular the later prevalence of tremolo chords recalls Skryabin’s Vers La Flamme op.72.

In non-musical terms, the piece might – might – be thought to be a shameless piece of programme music: the reiterated series could stand for the idea of love, with the surrounding elements representing its surrounding pressures, at first brushed away, then more met more fully and, finally, integrated into the self. But it might not."

- Piers Hellawell

Additional Information

Item Number: EP73116
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 12
Publication Date: 25/04/2018
ISMN: 9790577014272
Format: 232 x 303
Instrumentation: Piano

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