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Simon Steen-Andersen
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Simon Steen-Andersen’s Piano Concerto received widespread recognition winning the special orchestra prize when it was premiered at the music festival Donaueschinger Musiktage in the fall of 2014. The work takes as its starting point the sound- and video recording of a grand piano falling onto a concrete floor from a height of 8 meters. From this Steen-Andersen composes an intricate dialogue between prerecorded audiovisual material and real-time musicians. The result is a spectacular genre-bending multimedia experience.

“When I compose within a classical frame I wish to show the tradition in a radically new light. By sacrificing a concert grand I thematise the beauty of the destroyed and the unpolished. I bring the listener inside the ruined instrument to experience sounds which we normally don’t come close to.”—Simon Steen-Andersen

The piece received the prestigious Danish Carl Prisen in April 2015.

Additional Information

Item Number: ED111
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 71
Duration: 25 Mins
Format: 297 x 420
Instrumentation: Pno solo + perc/arpa/archi/live-elec/video


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