for violoncello solo

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James Joyce writes in his book Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: “(…) The radiance of which he speaks is the scholastic quidditas, the whatness of a thing. This supreme quality is felt by the artist when the esthetic image is first conceived in his imagination. The mind in that mysterious instant Shelley likened beautifully to a fading coal. The instant wherein that supreme quality of beauty, the clear radiance of the esthetic image, is apprehended luminously by the mind which has been arrested by its wholeness and fascinated by its harmony is the luminous silent stasis of esthetic pleasure, a spiritual state very like to that cardiac condition which the Italian physiologist Luigi Galvani, using a phrase almost as beautiful as Shelley's, called the enchantment of the heart. (…)”

In short, a mute, momentary state of the heart, the eternal being of a sound, and the far off, unreachable mount for the ideal aesthetic image. From the depths. Perhaps bewitched, perhaps – confused, like a piece of coal burning brightly and fading quickly. This piece is dedicated from the heart to Marta Sudraba.

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Item Number: MB2021
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 20
Duration: 14 Mins
ISMN: 9790697968639
Format: 210 x 297
Instrumentation: Cello

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