for Flute and Piano

Oliver Schneller
Score & Part
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Soleil for flute and piano (2001) seeks a particular kind of fusion of the flute's and the piano's sound through what I call "counterpoint resonance": the dense and polyphonic interweaving of the two voices creates a harmonic field that - virtually - begins to resonate through the permutation and periodic repetition of its constituting particles. The pitch material of Soleil is mostly derived from the higher partials of a low E (41.2 Hz), which is also the virtual (inaudible) fundamental of the piece.

While in the beginning the building of counterpoint resonance is aided by the use of the piano's pedal, the end of the piece is stripped of such sustain, laying bare the architecture of the contrapunctal structure and leaving the accumulation of resonance to the acoustic conditions of the concert hall in which the piece is performed. The two flute cadenzas function on the notion of a disintegrated compound sonority that is re-constituted - even re-constructed - over time through the repetition of displaced elements.

Soleil was comissioned by the American National Flute Association and was written in memory of Yannis Xenakis.

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Publication Date: 30/05/2018
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Format: 303x232/202x303
Instrumentation: Flute & Piano

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